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Asthma & Allergy BULLETIN

The Asthma & Allergy BULLETIN is published three times a year and mailed to current members of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, New England Chapter. Professional members receive multiple copies to distribute to patients.

The newsletter provides updates on the latest research and tips for living with asthma and allergies. “Ask the Doctor,” “Share Your Story,” and “From the Bookshelf” columns offer resources, answers to common questions and opportunities to learn from others.

Publication of the Asthma & Allergy BULLETIN is supported by a grant from The Thoracic Foundation.

Check out our 2024 Spring Asthma & Allergy Bulletin or click on the dates below to view archived issues:

Past Newsletters:

2024 Winter

2023 Fall

2023 Spring

2023 Winter

2022 Fall

2022 Spring

2022 Winter

2021 Fall

2021 Spring

2021 Winter

2020 Fall

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2019 Fall

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2017 Summer

2016 Fall
Farm Living: How does it prevent asthma?
Eating “On-the-go” with Food Allergies!
Do you really understand your child’s asthma medications?
Going to College with Food Allergies

2016 Summer
Leaving Home: Support Needed for Older Teens with Food Allergies
Taking Asthma and Allergies to College (college tips checklist and guide)
Important Epinephrine Updates
Food Allergies and Anxiety: Helping a Child Overcome Her Fears
AAFA New England “Breath of Spring” photos, sponsors and donors list

2016 Spring
How does your age or mental health affect your asthma?
Asthma-Friendly Home Checklist for Older Adults
Probiotics: Can they help prevent allergies?
Advocacy: Speak up on Food Labels and Airline Safety
We’re on the Food Allergy Journey Together!
Around AAFA New England: announcements about child care provider training program, brochures, and materials for school nurses
Memorial note: Albert L. Sheffer, M.D. (1929-2015)

2015 Fall
Biphasic Anaphylaxis in Children: Watch for a delayed second reaction
Oral immunotherapy for respiratory allergy: Reviewing the benefits
Food Allergy Management Priorities Every School Should Address
From the bookshelf: Food Allergies: The Ultimate Teen Guide
Advocacy: People with allergies should have access to life-saving medication in public places
Announcing the AAFA New England Dr. Paul J. Hannaway Memorial Fund

2015 Spring
Landmark study offers new insight into the onset of peanut allergy
Take Control of Asthma:
– Do you use your inhaler Correctly? Most people DON’T!
– Can your smartphone help you manage asthma better?
– Is your asthma related to your job?
Book reviews: Learning to Bake Allergen-Free and Pre-School Food Allergy Handbook
College group raises funds for asthma awareness
AAFA New England resources to help schools, child care providers and health professionals

2014 Fall
Nasal Steroid Spray: Should you still get a prescription?
Research Update: Delayed Reaction to Eating Meats Traced to Tick Bites
Children with asthma are at higher risk for severe illness from Enterovirus D-68
Back to School and Breathing Easy with an Asthma Action Plan
Is it an allergy or a cold?

2014 Summer
Oral Immunotherapy – A New Treatment Option: Is it right for you?
Research Update: Smoke-free Policies and Controlling Air Pollution Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms (and What You Can Do to Help Clear the Air)

Share Your Story: A phone call to a restaurant can make a big difference

2014 Winter-Spring
Preventing Food Allergy in Children: What We Have Learned
Research Update:
Allergens in Foods: How much is too much?
New Options for Relieving Persistent Hives
Share Your Story: Latex Allergy – Stay Safe, Spread Awareness, Have a Blast!

2013 Fall
Ask the Doctor: Does Asthma Worsen in the Fall?
Research Update:

Bullies Target Children with Food Allergies
Hormonal Changes May Affect Women with Asthma

Share Your Story: Starting Kindergarten with Food Allergies – Picture Book Paves the Way to Understanding
Living Confidently with Food Allergy: A Guide for Parents and Families
From the Bookshelf: Advocacy at School

2013 Spring
Does Your Asthma Get Worse at Work?
Research Update:
Peanut Allergy … And the beat goes on!
From the Bookshelf: Share the Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family
Share Your Story: Allergy Shots Helped Make Me a Champion

Fall, 2012

Fall, 2011
Share Your Story: If I Knew THEN What I Know NOW – Adapting to Life with Food Allergies

2011 Summer 

2011 Winter

2010 Fall
Share Your Story: Back to School with Food Allergies – A Mother’s Perspective

2010 Summer 

2010 Winter 

2009 Fall