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Books about Food Allergy


A book about food allergy is a great gift for a family member or friend, or as a donation to your school or public library.


Contact us to order these books from AAFA New England:
Click here for order form, or call 781-444-7778.)

On the Nature of Food Allergy
by Paul Hannaway, M.D.

A readable reference book about all aspects of food allergy, laced with anecdotes that make the  summaries of scientific findings come alive. Includes information on how to save a life by recognizing and treating a severe allergic reaction, how to live a normal life with food allergies, and how caretakers can provide safe environments for people with food allergies.  Helpful features include well-organized chapters, a glossary, and various charts about ingredients and where they may be “hidden” in common food products.
Paperback; FREE if you come to pick it up, or will take donated copies to your school or public library.

No Lobster, Please!
by Robyn Rogers
A colorful and captivating picture book that tells the first-person story of a young boy with a severe seafood allergy. He describes the first time he had a reaction, the tests that identified his food allergies, and some of the ways he avoids coming into contact with them. The book was written by a mom to help her son understand his allergy, and beautifully illustrated by a group of first-grade students.

Hardcover;  $10.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Also recommended:

How to Manage Your Child’s Life-Threatening Food Allergies,
Practical Tips for Everyday Life
by Linda Marienhoff Coss
($16.95; Plumtree Press, Lake Forest, CA)
Order at: www.FoodAllergyBooks.com

Everyday Cool with Food Allergies
by Michael Pistiner, MD
($19.99; Parent Perks, Inc.)
Click here for more details, ordering information, and discount code

“The No Biggie Bunch”  – a series of charming storybooks to help kids creatively cope with food allergies. Titles include: Sports-Tastic Birthday Party; Peanut-Free Tea for Three; Trade-or-Treat Halloween, Dairy-Free and Dino-Licious Dig
Click here for more details, ordering information, and discount code

Living Confidently with Food Allergy
This excellent and easy-to-read comprehensive handbook includes accurate and practical information and many helpful suggestions. It was written by AAFA New England Board of Directors members Michael Pistiner, MD and Jennifer LeBovidge, Ph.D.  It is also available in Spanish.
Click here to read and download a copy

The Peanut Allergy Answer Book – Third Edition (2013)
By Michael C. Young, MD
A wonderfully helpful handbook that has become required reading on this topic in
many families, schools, and child care centers. The easy-to-understand explanations cover every aspect of peanut allergy, from diagnosis and testing to preventing and treating anaphylaxis.
Click here for a flyer with ordering information

Food Allergies: A Recipe for Success at School
by Jan Hanson, MA
A comprehensive 318 pg. handbook about managing food allergies in the school setting. Contains information, recommendations and inspiration for families and school personnel. Available on-line and at bookstores. For more info see: www.foodallergyed.com.

Food Allergies and College: Your Complete Planning Guide
by Jan Hanson, MA
Covers all aspects of investigating, visiting, applying, and attending college with food allergies. Explains the roles and responsibilities of four key administrative departments with which students and their families must become familiar and how to interact with them at every stage of applying for and attending college. Includes helpful checklists and valuable insights and recommendations from college students, administrators, housing and dining staff, physicians, lawyers, and others.  Available on-line and at bookstores.