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Educational Support Groups

AAFA New England Announces New (and Re-Newed!) Support Groups

It has long been recognized that living with asthma and allergies often creates feelings of anxiety for families and generates identity and isolation issues in children. Patients and their families receive top-notch medical and psychological care throughout our region but, outside the medical facilities, living with asthma and allergies can be daunting.

Today’s access to the Internet fills a need for information but that information is not always accurate, and the internet cannot help families cope with the emotional aspects of managing these conditions.

Many families express a desire to create opportunities to meet with others who are experiencing similar issues. That is why AAFA New England created SAGE. Groups will be forming over the summer with launch dates this fall.

What is SAGE?

  • Physician-advised, community-based groups that offer support and share information, tips and products
  • Clearinghouse for fact-based information, education and speakers on topics of interest
  • Opportunities for advocacy at the local, state and national levels

Where are initial SAGE locations planned?

  • Massachusetts, New Hampsire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine

How to start or find a SAGE near you?

  • Contact us at aafa@aafane.org or call 781-444-7778.
  • Express your desire to be a SAGE member and help drive the agenda for your local SAGE.

We believe that information is empowering and support is transforming. Join us in helping one another improve the lives of people throughout our six-state region who are impacted by the effects of asthma and allergies through SAGE.

All programs are free and open to the public.